Samenwerking Cosmos IoT en SC Telstar

Collaboration SC Telstar

SC Telstar and Cosmos IoT conclude a 2-year partnership.
We have placed our RAK 8 DBI antennas on two light poles of the Buko stadium in IJmuiden. As a result, the IJmuiden region is provided with LoRaWan coverage. This would allow us to realize various IoT solutions for companies and private individuals. We are proud of SC Telstar for making its light poles available. As a result, Telstar contributes to setting up the energy-efficient Helium network. Thank you Telstar for the great collaboration and the good conversations!

What is IoT?
The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a system of interrelated computing devices that collects and transmits data over a wireless network without human intervention.

How does IoT work?
An IoT system contains sensors/devices that use some connection method to communicate with the cloud. When this data arrives in the cloud, it is processed by software that then decides whether to take action, such as adjusting the sensors/devices. This happens without user intervention or sending a warning.
A complete IoT system consists of four separate elements, namely sensors or devices, connectivity, data processing and a user interface.

These collect data from their environment. A device can have multiple sensors, for example a smartphone has GPS, a camera, an accelerometer, and so on. Basically, the sensor or sensors collect data from the environment for a specific purpose.

Cosmos Connectivity
We achieve our connectivity by placing LoRa antennas on high objects. This includes apartment buildings, windmills, silos, football stadium light poles, towers and lighthouses.
Data processing
When data reaches the cloud, it is processed by software that can then decide to perform an action. For example, an alert can be sent or perhaps the sensors or the device is adjusted without user intervention. However, sometimes user intervention is required and that is where the user interface comes into play.

User interface
A user interface allows a user to control the system or enter information. All user actions are sent in reverse through the system. From the user interface to the cloud and back again, allowing the sensors/devices to make the desired change.

The exact connectivity, networking, and communication protocols used by web-enabled devices vary by specific IoT application. The IoT increasingly uses AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning to speed up and simplify data collection.

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